About Us

Time for a fresh learning perspective

Why us?

We are focussed on delivery of a masterclass portfolio of unique and amazing practical solutions for career development. We offer the learning of soft and business skills in an original and stimulating way. 

As robots start to take more and more jobs, what roles are left for humans? How different will those roles be? Together we imagine the role of technology and robots in your career whilst filling any skills gaps. 

So when working on masterclass ideas, there are two basic tests a class idea must pass:

  • Career prospects enhanced in a practical and meaningful way 100%
  • Learning outcomes easily compliment expected changes in the workplace 100%

What do we stand for?

Our approach

Our masterclass portfolio provides you with a wide range of soft and business skills you need in today’s changing world of work. 

Gap analysis

But before making any decisions, take time to undertake a gap analysis to understand your learning requirements. All masterclasses are guaranteed by – attention to detail, extensive research, highest quality, and exemplary expertise.

Choose your own programme

You can create your masterclass programme choosing from On-Demand, Live tutor or bespoke career coaching sessions.

Bespoke masterclass

Bespoke masterclasses are available encompassing the futuristic themes and individual career coaching and training packages are available too. Contact us to discuss.

Be career happy 

I’m the founder of Little Fish Big Impact, where I utilise my skills as an author, artist, career coach, learning designer, and writer to help individuals and organisations achieve personal and professional success. My diverse background in art, writing, coaching, psychology, and learning design enables me to approach projects from various angles, providing innovative solutions.

With a focus on soft skills, I guide individuals and clients in different industries across to enhance their careers. And offer extensive experience in coaching, training, transformation, and change management. Through Little Fish Big Impact, our goal is to ensure everyone finds career happiness. Ultimately, we are all Little Fish who can be transformed into powerhouse influencers making a Big Impact! We are dedicated to nurturing your growth and helping you realise significant career success on your own terms.

Moira Devlin
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