Political Headaches

Grasp the power of political astuteness in the workplace

What will I learn?

Workplace politics is unavoidable. Especially in the workplace, it gives rise to power and authority, so understanding the best soft skills to use and strategies to employ means you can develop some political know-how and confidence to manage each situation as it arises.

By identifying your political skills, you can create mitigations, solutions and maintain your focus on your career goals.

Lesson plan

  • Introduction
  • Defining Politics
  • The Landscape
  • Survival
  • End Note
Number of lessons
Approx : 3 hours
Relationship skills
Certificate issued

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Masterclass overview

Why are workplace politics so powerful?

Politics is everywhere, but in the workplace it gives power and authority, which can make or break careers,  whilst being a force of good to make positive changes in a business. If you want to succeed in a business environment, then it makes sense to develop some political know-how. This can help prevent you  from being taken advantage  and help you progress your career.

What is the challenge of politics?

You will discover about the importance of hierarchies, how to negate rumours, define your social and emotional skills needed to navigate the politics, and what relationship skills work best finishing with you creating you your own workplace philosophy.

What will you achieve at the end of this Masterclass?

People indulge in workplace politics for many reasons. Such as someone aspiring to get noticed or trying to achieve something beyond their capability or authority. Whatever the reason, workplace politics reduces productivity, increases stress and can turn colleagues against each other. In this class, you shall work on navigating this politics, so you achieve your career goals and work tasks.

Explore power dynamics and its importance in minimising your exposure to workplace politics. You will gain the confidence to find win-win outcomes and tactics to identify and interact with different workplace personalities, so as you can influence to get what you want more often.

How will you measure success?

  • Work through the power dynamics of workplace politics.
  • Identify and develop strong political skills.
  • Explore what it means to build networks in your workplace.
  • Define how to create and offer win-win situations. 
  • Appreciate the positive mitigations to workplace politics.
  • Determine your approach to maintaining your career goals.
  • Understand the importance of navigating formal and informal hierarchies.
  • Delve into the key political theories in the workplace.

Who benefits from this Masterclass?

We designed this masterclass for anyone keen on improving their political astuteness in the workplace. You may be a school-leaver, apprentice, student, graduate, in a job that would advance from enhanced political skills. Or an entrepreneur who can use these skills for managing their workforce and stakeholders.

How will you manage your motivation?

You study at your convenience at your own pace. As you move through the class lessons, be inspired to complete each lesson by monitoring the progress tracker to oversee your class achievement. 

Your e-workbook includes all assignments, information, instructions, tasks and further reading contained in one place. Plus with each lesson being a video, you get to study in an easy and consistent manner. Complete your study of the class material to obtain your certificate.

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