Leading Ahead

Cultivate a powerful leadership mindset

What will I learn?

What do excellent leadership skills look like? It requires a high proficiency in most soft skills, an ability to think on your feet and confidence to take risks. In addition, you need to have the strength of character to surround yourself with a team with the right blend of expertise and experience.

One of your greatest tests is if you can handle your team being more expert than you. For example, coming up with solutions you didn’t consider, surprising you with a great original idea, or challenging your goals, plan, ideas and solutions. The best experts always surround an outstanding leader.

Lesson plan

  • Introduction
  • Focus & Instinct
  • Confidence et al
  • Simply the Best
  • A Leadership Persona
  • End Note
Number of lessons
Approx : 4 hours
Relationship skills
Certificate issued

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Masterclass overview

What is effective leadership?

Leadership tests your ability to influence the behaviour of others. To be good at it you need to be prepared to put yourself out there and demonstrate positive personal attributes and behaviours. Different leadership styles may be required in different situations.Leadership can be demonstrated in many ways, but with any form of leadership there comes power and responsibility. 

Why are the practical applications of leadership important?

You will ascertain what successful leaders do, identify key leadership traits, understand your primary leadership style, and explore key leadership models which determine how you can manage the crucial interface with any colleagues (both above and below your pay grade!)in the workplace. 

What will you achieve at the end of this Masterclass?

Everyday we observe an abundance of excellent and poor examples of leadership be from large well-know branded organisations, entrepreneurs, politicians, charities or protestors. Strong leaders are the foundation of any successful business.  

You will consider what it means to be a great leader and how to make sure you surround yourself with the best team. 

Your leadership style is unique to your set of skills, so you will use this class to cultivate your leadership qualities through defining your authenticity and your powers as you fulfil your potential.

How will you measure success?

  • Appreciate the basic elements of an effective leader.
  • Focus on the key soft skill combinations which enhance your influencing capability.
  • Identify the importance of a non-judgemental approach to embracing diversity and equality.
  • Learn how to align leadership behaviours to organisational vision and mission.
  • Understand how to promote and develop a team, which compliments and enhances your leadership.
  • Identify and harness your leaderships powers.
  • Define how a leader manages the many challenges anticipated or otherwise.
  • Determine how to manage strategic and tactical goals with efficient delegation.

Who benefits from this Masterclass?

We designed this masterclass for anyone keen on improving their leadership capabilities. You may be a school-leaver, apprentice, student, graduate, in a job where utilising leadership skills will advance your devilry in your job and even advance position or gain crucial leadership skills essential for success of an entrepreneur.

How will you manage your motivation?

You study at your convenience at your own pace. As you move through the class lessons, be inspired to complete each lesson by monitoring the progress tracker to oversee your class achievement. 

Your e-workbook includes all assignments, information, instructions, tasks and further reading contained in one place. Plus with each lesson being a video, you get to study in an easy and consistent manner. Complete your study of the class material to obtain your certificate.

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