Recruitment Techniques

Pull ahead during the recruitment process

What will I learn?

How does the recruitment or talent process work? Understanding this process in its various forms means you can improve your chances of getting interviews and landing that dream job.

You should aim to not only master multi-level interviews, aim to influence the end to end recruitment process itself, including role creation and questions to ask and answer professionally and purposely.

Lesson plan

  • Introduction
  • Role Foundation
  • Selection
  • Interview Master
  • End Note
Number of lessons
Approx : 3 hours
Organisational skills
Certificate issued

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Masterclass overview

What is recruitment process?

Although interviews are extensively used in many guises, they are somewhat unscientific in nature with most interviewers relying on gut instinct to select candidates. You will master the interview process, how to ask and answer questions and build emotional connections with your interviewer(s). 

Why is it beneficial to understand the detail behind a recruitment technique?

Be able to navigate and influence your way through the end-to-end recruitment process and have solutions for managing common problems. Including any competency tests, role-playing and assessment centre approaches.You will explore techniques to deal with multiple interview processes and multiple interviewers ie panel interviews.

What will you achieve at the end of this Masterclass?

Understanding the end to end recruitment process is key to being prepared and being in a position to exploit opportunities as they arise. In this class you will take a deep dive into the selection and assessment process including how job roles are formed and recruiter expectations within these roles. 

The interview is one of the key elements of the job search process. You will explore how to prepare for an interview and become familiar with the types of questions to expect, as well as the questions you should think about asking and how to follow up on interview sessions.

How will you measure success?

  • Appreciate the different stages in the selection and assessment process 
  • Learn to effectively manage yourself through a selection process.
  • Build an understanding of the different types of interviews.
  • Understand the different types of interview questions and how to prepare to answer them.
  • Apply the most effective ways to prepare for an interview.
  • Find out about how roles are created and competency models.
  • Understand the recruitment process from a recruiter’s perspective
  • Explore the key selection methods and tools.

Who benefits from this Masterclass?

We designed this masterclass for anyone keen on improving their understanding of the recruitment process including role creation, interviews and questions. You may be a school-leaver, apprentice, student, graduate, looking to enhance your job success prospects or an entrepreneur who is looking to recruit key personnel.

How will you manage your motivation?

You study at your convenience at your own pace. As you move through the class lessons, be inspired to complete each lesson by monitoring the progress tracker to oversee your class achievement. 

Your e-workbook includes all assignments, information, instructions, tasks and further reading contained in one place. Plus with each lesson being a video, you get to study in an easy and consistent manner. Complete your study of the class material to obtain your certificate.

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